"We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us"

My love for travel started, without warning, at the age of 18. I had not left the state of Colorado since moving back when I was 7 , and really did little to no travel prior to that. It began with a look from my roommate, the I have something up my sleeve and we have to do it now look. "Lets visit Anne in Arcata!" she exclaimed. I thought about this idea for maybe a moment then agreed and went to my room to pack. A short while later we were off driving to California with little money to our names and in a car that had no A.C., in August. It didn't matter, the adventure was to exciting for me to take issue with the heat. Our journey took us through Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California and back again.

I do not recall when on the trip I was consumed with desire to travel. It could have happened while driving through the majestic desert, walking the captivating city of San Fransisco, exploring the rocky coastline of Hwy 101 or, maybe it was the simple mention of leaving and the realization that I could. The sense of freedom I felt from being on the road was a feeling I had never experienced before. What I do know is that the feeling never left and has only grown stronger through the years.

Gypsy Souls was started as a way for Danielle and I to not only share our love of travel, but also to encourage others to travel, experience something new, and practice acts random acts of kindness along the way. You don't always have to travel far distances, there is plenty to see around you. In fact, most of our travels are here in the U.S. You may decide to drive to the next town and eat at the hole in the wall that you discover through Instagram. You may decide to drive to the next state to enjoy the solitude of the mountains or valleys. We just want to encourage you to do it. Kids or pets? Take them with you. Life is short and there is so much to see and experience, don't waste any time.

We will be sharing our travels here on this blog. Our hopes are that this page will be helpful to you along your journeys.

Until later,


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